The Board Breaker

Patent No. 7,207,928

The Board Breaker-Is a board holder devise used in martial arts training. This training equipment is used to hold boards so you can practice your board breaking techniques anytime.

  • Solo Practice
  • Prevents Injury
  • Great Portability
  • Versatile Practicing

Prices starting at:  $119

The Board Breaker business is For Sale!

I would like to thank everyone that has supported us over the past 6 years. Due to other interest I have made a very tough decision to discontinue the production of this great product. If you know of anyone that may have an interest in the purchase of this business please forward my contact information . We will continue to provide replacement part such as bands and push pins just email us at with your request.


What is being offered

The domain name

This website (as you can see it has a very good ranking)

Engineering drawings for the product

Molds to produce the product

Licensing agreement for two patents (one of which has never been introduced)

miscellaneous supplies

Serious Inquiries only please!



3 Units to Choose From

Single Station Unit Strapped to a Wavemaster
Single Station Unit. Strap It To A Punching Bag, Wall, Place On Blocks Or Hold It. $119.00 
Adapt to Your Own Wavemaster
Board Breaker
Red Upright Only With Instructions On How You Can Adapt To Your Own Wavemaster
Complete Unit With Base Included


rebreakable board

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Re-Breakable Boards

The Board Breaker

Made from durable medium density polyethylene (MDPE) for long lasting training work outs

14 adjustable height settings from 28" to 60"

Holds both re-breakable or pine boards

Are you tired of getting your fingers smashed when your buddy misses his break? You need The Board Breaker

No longer a need to hold your buddies boards

It’s Flexible

Fill base with water, giving it the proper resistance yet flexible enough to move

It’s Portable

Remove the arms and roll it into position

It’s Ready to Practice when you are

It won’t move at the last minute causing you to miss your break. Did you fail to advance at your last testing, because you missed your board break? With the board breaker that will never happen again, because you can practice anytime, so you'll be ready for the next test!

Holds boards in 5 different positions

Board Breaker

The Board Breaker

Board Breaker for Tigers

The Board Breaker For Tigers

Side Kick

Side Kick
Axe Kick

Axe Kick
Front Kick & Upward Elbow Strike

Front Kick & Upward Elbow Strike
Palm Heel Strike & Front Kick

Palm Heel Strike & Front Kick